"SWS-83" - Storage-Wire-Saw - The Advantages
The "SWS-83" is a result of a lot of experience in wiresawing with reinforced concrete. This Storage-Wire-Saw is designed for the construction-industry and for cuts up to 3 sqm. The saw has a storage of 8,3 metre inside the machine at the end of the cut .The user gets 6,3 metre of wire out of the concrete without making the wire shorter. The wire-tension is continuously made by a pneumatic-cylinder. The wire-engine is a hydraulic-motor which needs a hydraulic powerpack with 32 to 40 litre per minute, min.: 140 bar, not less than 11,5 KW.
With only 2 screws in wall, floor or ceiling the SWS-83 is very quickly ready for the cut. The diagonal-support ensures the machine works without vibrations.
The 86 Kg saw is divided into 3 parts within a few minutes ( max.:32 Kg)
The new "Wire-Hand-Crank" at the drive-wheel is timesaving to round off the concrete-corners before the cut can be started by the motor. Optimal water-cooling on both outgoing wheels. It is possible to use an endless wire because the 360°-swivel-wheels have an entrance for the wire. When the moment comes that one of the swivel-wheels has to be turned round 180 °, usually there is a dead-point without the lead of the wheel, at that point of the cut the swivel-wheel can be displaced to the right or to the left, so that the wire is still under control by the wheel.
We have prepared a video for you to
the downloaden here.
The video shows putting and the application
the DIA-G rope-saw SWS 83 The Download time will last something., since the video has a size of 90 MB
Technical facts:
Saw : 86 Kg (can be disassembled into 3 parts: 26,28,32 Kg)
Compressor with separate remote control: 34 Kg

H: 2100 mm , W.: 750 mm (variable) , D.:700 mm

1400 mm

10 Bar, 20-Litre-tank, 230 volt, 50 Hz. ( or 110 volt )

Diam.: 360 mm (replaceable)

4 idler wheels:
Diam.: 200 mm

32-40 Litre/minute, min.: 140 Bar, min.:11,5 KW = 21 to 26,5 Mtr/Sec.

8,3 metre ( ready cut inside the machine )

6,3 metre

Possible cut sizes with 8,3 metre of wire:
1,0 x 2,5 or 3,0 x 0,5 or 1,75 x 1,75 metre
1 x
"SWS-83" Storage-Wire-Saw (without hydraulic power pack)
1 x
1 x
1 x
Remote control (for compressor)
1 x
Pneumatic tubes 10 Mtr.
1 x
Wire-Hand-Crank for drive-whee
2 x
Protective guard 1650 mm
1 x
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